Cirkulær økonomi i uddannelse og erhverv

Basque Ecodesign Meeting 2017, 19- 20 September in Bilbao

The 2017 Basque Ecodesign Meeting is going to focus on analysing the implications for the industrial sector of the change of economic model as the result of the transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe, and on how to be in a position to change those challenges into business opportunities and to enhance business competitiveness.

Over 120 speakers from different social-economic areas from the public administration to the private sector will be taking part at the 2017 Basque Ecodesign Meeting to analyse those issues. That will be divided into 2 conference days, with three plenary and 12 parallel sessions being held. In short, a conference that is going to turn Bilbao and the Basque Country into one of the best European forum to talk, discuss and agree about the future challenges facing the industrial sector.