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The LIFE CERSUDS Project congregates the Regional Work Group to discuss about the sustainable drainage systems in the cities

LIFE CERSUDS, funded by the European Union’s Environment and Climate Action Program 2014-2020 (Ref: LIFE 15 CCA / ES / 000091) uses ceramic material in an innovative drainage system for the improvement and rehabilitation of the urban space, through a pilot demonstrator that will be located in the municipality of Benicàssim.

More than 20 representatives of city councils, universities, research centers, companies and public bodies have gathered at the Universitat Politècnica of Valencia (UPV) in the frame of the LIFE CERSUDS project, to promote a model change in Sustainable Urban Drainage solutions.

The main objective of the project LIFE CERSUDS Ceramic Sustainable Urban Drainage System, coordinated by the Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC) is to enhance the city capability to adapt to climate change and to promote the use of green infrastructures in urban planning by developing and implementing a demonstrator in a town. A sustainable urban drainage system (SUDS) is involved that produces low carbon emissions and refurbishes urban areas.