Ausbildung zur Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bau- und Möbelbereich

Competition to reuse and recycle old furniture in schools

Højer Møbler has organised during the last months a recycling competition among schools in the Aalborg municipality in Denmark. The objective of the competition was to reuse and recycle old furniture into new school furniture – or other products – in a creative, innovative and sustainable way.

The winner of the competition was Frejlev School, 7th grade. They now have the opportunity to work in a workshop with Råt & Godt-Urban City, who is a social economic unit, specialised in transferring reusable material and old furniture into new sustainable furniture and other products.

This is just one way to inspire new generations on how to save resources using existing materials and do something sustainable for the climate. We wish the schools from Aalborg municipality good lock in the workshop.

These pictures show how old catheters and other recycled materials have been transformed into new caves.