Ausbildung zur Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bau- und Möbelbereich

Establishment of stakeholder networks in Circular Economy in Portugal, Denmark, Spain and Austria

Stakeholder networks are currently being established in each of the participating countries of the KATCH_e Alliance. The networks actors in the major target groups in KATCH_e, that is Higher Education Institutions, Business community, Knowledge centres and Experts, sector relevant product chains, NGO’s, sector organisations, experts, Special Interest Groups, relevant authorities, university teachers, etc. The sectors of study are the Construction and Furniture sectors.

Through the development of these structures the partners will conduct activities to actively involve relevant stakeholders and their knowledge throughout the project phases and after the project period.

This is a two-way process. Circular economy thinking is complex, and the concept is dynamic. Therefore, the inputs from the stakeholders help defining the multidisciplinary training needs to be covered by the training materials and learning approaches. Moreover, the involved stakeholders may bring knowledge on circular economy back to their organizations and thus promote the understanding of the potentials and challenges related to the circular economy. Close relations between students, companies and other students will be actively encouraged and supported during the project to further develop the two-way process.

Contact us if you want to join the stakeholders’ networks!