Ausbildung zur Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bau- und Möbelbereich

How to implement the circular economy within the company

Given the importance of developing products that are sustainable with the environment, Aimplas, the Technological Institute of Plastics, has organized a technical conference to implement the circular economy in companies, which will address alternatives to increase the circularity of plastics and will be released technologies for recycling. The meeting will take place on October 29 at the technology center and in its course will present solutions to implement the circular economy.

To inaugurate the forum, from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission – better known by the acronym JRC (Joint Research Centre) – will introduce the concept of the circular economy, the strategy that seeks to reduce the entry of materials and the production of virgin waste, thus closing the economic and ecological flows of resources. The first session, entitled ‚Increasing the circularity of plastic products‘, will then discuss eco-design and the importance of taking into account the environmental factor in the life cycle of products, the recyclability of plastic material and the labelling of recycled plastic products. In the second block, which will deal with ‚Cutting edge technologies for the recovery and recycling of plastics‘, will see experiences in the separation of multilayer waste, new developments in the separation of polymers and recycling of plastics from waste electronic and electrical equipment and end-of-life vehicles, as well as the elimination of substances and odors in recycling.