Ausbildung zur Kreislaufwirtschaft im Bau- und Möbelbereich

The World Economic Forum discussed about the 4 key steps towards a circular economy

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting was celebrated on 22—25 January in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

This Meeting is the only yearly gathering that brings together leaders of global society. The heads and members of more than 100 governments, top executives of the 1,000 foremost global companies, leaders of international organizations and relevant non-governmental organizations, the most prominent cultural, societal and thought leaders, and the disruptive voices of the Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Global Shapers and Technology Pioneers come together at the beginning of each year to define priorities and shape global, industry and regional agendas.

As we now operate in an economy where disposability and linear throughput reigns, shifting the system will take leadership, collaboration, innovation and commitment to break the status quo. This was the focus of the circular economy discussion during the 2019 Annual Meeting in Davos, with four key priorities emerging for the year ahead.

1) Leadership is critical
2) Leverage the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
3) Circular material value chains
4) Collaboration is key

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