Formación en Economía Circular
en los Sectores de Construcción y Mueble

The Danish government has established an Advisory Board on circular economy

The 12 Board members represent on CEO level a variety of Danish companies and their role is to come up with recommendations on, how the government can create and support the transition towards a circular economy.

Folketingssalen.0022f.Fotograf_Henrik Sorensen

The Advisory Board is expected to launch their recommendations in the beginning of June this year. On a conference hosted by the Federation of Danish Industries on March 23rd, more than 200 participants debated a number of the preliminary recommendations, including:

  • Establishing of a market for different types of waste
  • Promotion of circular economy through public procurement
  • Focus on Life Cycle costing instead of costs of Investment
  • Introduction of circular building regulations no later than 2025
  • Strengthening the principles of circularity in product policies like the Eco-Design directive