Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors

Financing the Circular Economy in Portugal within the EEA Grants

The General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Transition from Portugal will hold on 28 February in Lisbon a Matchmaking Session on the Application of the Principles of Circular Economy between companies and other entities, in parallel with the presentation of the “Environment, Climate and Low Carbon Economy Program”(EEA Grants), which was created following the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding between Portugal and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (the EEA Grants donor countries).

This Program will be implemented in the following areas:

1) To promote the application of the principles of the Circular Economy in specific sectors through the reduction of the use of materials, energy and water in the Construction sector and reduction of plastic marine trash and support to innovation;

2) Promote sustainable development in Biosphere Reserves and,

3) Increase resilience and response to climate change in specific areas through concrete measures to adapt to climate change at local level, implementation of low-carbon technology solutions and mitigation of climate change in cities.

Public or private entities, whether for profit or not, and non-governmental organizations legally established in Portugal, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland are eligible.

More information at:

In the link: Innovation Norway you will find companies from the EEA donor countries with which partnerships can be established.