Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

The 12th International enviBUILD 2017 Conference will be held in Vienna, Austria, on September 7 and 8 2017 at the TU Wien

We expect cutting edge research papers addressing recent progresses and future directions in the field of building physics, sustainability, healthy built environments, building materials, building envelope systems, integrated building design, design and evaluation indoor environmental conditions, optimization of energy use, and mitigation of environmental impact of buildings.

Conference Topics:

  • Building Materials and Structures
  • Energy Performance of Buildings
  • Smart Buildings, Smart Cities
  • Sustainable Building and Environmental Assessments
  • Hygrothermal Performance of Buildings
  • Indoor Climate, Thermal Comfort and Ventilation
  • Daylighting and Insolation
  • Acoustics and Noise Protection
  • Building Monitoring and Automation