Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

Circular Materials Conference in Gothenborg, Sweden

On 17 and 18 March 2020 the Circular Materials Conference invites you to reimagine materials with the help of emerging technologies and novel collaborations to create a circular future together.

Circular Materials Conference is a Nordic forum for industrial, scientific and commercial progress in the circular use of materials. This conference offers debate in seminars, face-to-face meetings and networking for international stakeholders, both academic and commercial, who want to be in the industry forefront at a time when we face the challenge of shifting to circular business models.

The main focus areas of the Conference are:

  • Metals from Secondary Sources/Critical Minerals
  • Technical and Commercial Outlook
  • Circular Materials Business Applications
  • Innovation Critical Materials – Batteries for Electric Cars
  • Plastic Strategic Research and Innovation in a Circular Economy
  • Circular Economy in Textiles
  • AI and cascading materials innovation
  • CE in Fast Moving Consumer Goods

The Conference will take place in Gothenborg, Sweden.