Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

International Workshop – KATCH_e: Training materials and tools for circular economy in practice

An international workshop was organized at the ERSCP in Barcelona on the 16th of October to present the main developments of the project.

Some of the partners of the project: Cristina Rocha, David Camocho, Teresa Ros, Maria Kalleitner-Huber, Oihana Hernaez, Eugenia Atin, Rainer Pamminger, Stephan Schmidt and Laura Ruiz, participated in the workshop in order to better explain the results and outcomes of this Higher Education Knowledge Alliance.

The participants of the KATCH_e International Workshop gained first-hand knowledge on the 8 KATCH_e learning modules developed by KATCH_e and the 7 product-service development tools for circular economy and sustainability.