Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

KATCH_e International Workshop at the SEFI 2019 Conference: Integrating circular economy in engineering education through playing the KATCH Up! board game

On 16th September, an international KATCH_e workshop took place at the annual SEFI conference on Engineering Education. Facilitated by Aveiro University and Aalborg University, the participants on the international workshop played the KATCH Up! board game and discussed which competences were supported and developed by the game, and how it could be used in the participants own teaching activities.

Some main conclusions on the competences were, that the game can:

  • Help raising the awareness towards product and service development among students
  • Enhance creative, strategic thinking on circular economy applied to real-life situations
  • Facilitate a more integrated perception of the stakeholders and their roles in implementation of circular design strategies
  • Develop skills for working with circular economy in multidisciplinary teams