Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

KATCH_e project presented at Cork in Science and Applications Conference

The KATCH_e project was presented by the portuguese team on the first international conference “Cork in Science and Applications”, a forum for discussion of ideas and generation of contacts between the cork industry and the academy, in the search of the promotion of new applications for this material of national excellence.

The conference happened on the 7th and 8th of September 2017 and the papers presented where related to the cork sector, in its various application aspects, and include the results of investigation which range from the most traditional applications such as champagne corks to it’s use as filament for 3D printing, also the analysis of the carbon footprint, its application as an absorbent of contaminants, among many others.
Jorge Alexandre of LNEG presented the paper KATCH_E: KNOWLEDGE ALLIANCE ON PRODUCT-SERVICE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY AND SUSTAINABILITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION, introducing the project and it’s current state as well as emphasizing the relationship with the company partner – Amorim Cork Composite.

This event brought together about 50 people from 20 entities, including entities from the SCTN, the business sector and the associative sector.

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