Formação em economia circular nos setores da construção e do mobiliário

Meeting of the Katch_e partnership in Vienna

On June 4, 5 and 6 the partners of the European project KATCH_e met at the Technological University of Vienna to move forward on the consolidation of the training materials and tools in circular economy that the partnership has developed.

Indeed, the partners have been working for more than two years on a project that has developed 8 training modules and 7 practical tools to be used specifically by higher education but also by companies due to their practical approach.

At the Vienna meeting, partners defined what the MOOC will be like (online course that will host the main content developed) and designed as well the knowledge platform.

On the third day, the partners visited the construction company Doka, partner in this Alliance and whose participation has been key to creating practical materials useful for companies. During the visit, the partners were able to see first-hand the efforts that the company is making in terms of the reuse of formwork and other construction material.