Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors

Join the NETWORK! Circular economy is here to stay!

Stakeholder networks in each of the partner countries are working to support the development and spreading of the outcomes of the project. The Knowledge Hub on LinkedIN serves as a transnational platform for sharing ideas and knowledge, building relations and raising discussions.

The national stakeholder networks reflect significant interests as regards competence building on the transition towards circular economy in the furniture and construction sectors, such as – but not limited to – companies, business organisations, universities, knowledge centers, designers, experts on business models, public authorities, NGOs, etc.

Do you want…

  • Access to an international, sector related network of organizations working with Circular Economy
  • Access to results, research, resources and cases along the project
  • Access to developing and sharing questions, perspectives, experiences, etc. on CE with relevant stakeholders in the furniture and building sectors.
  • Inspiration on how to integrate circular economy thinking and methods in own organization
  • Deeper understanding of strategies, challenges and benefits in engaging in the transition towards circular economy
  • Influence on the type of competences that students, designers and developers working in or for the furniture and the construction sectors should have on CE

Join the network!


Organization: Altmetalle Kranner
Contact person: Brigitte Kranner –
Website: /

Organization: ÖGNB Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen – ASBC Austrian Sustainable Building Council
Contact person: Robert Lechner – or

Organization: BENE GmbH
Contact person:  Claus Scholler –

Organization: Circular Futures – Plattform Kreislaufwirtschaft Österreich
Contact person:  Julika Dittrich –

Organization: Cleantech-Cluster, Business Upper Austria
Contact person:  Siegfried Keplinger –

Organization: design austria
Contact person: Tamara König –

Organization: Kunst vom Rand e.V
Contact person: Sepp Pfeiffer –

Organization: RepaNet – Re-Use and Repair Network Austria
Contact person: Matthias Neitsch –

Organization: University of Applied Science Salzburg GmbH
Contact person: Dr. Sonja Eser –

Contact Rainer Pamminger, TUW, if you want more information or are interested in joining the Austrian network.