Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors

The 1st National Workshops of the KATCH_e project will take place in the four participating countries

Portugal: 9th June 2017, University of Aveiro, Aveiro, in cooperation with LNEG. Besides the presentation of the project and its consortium, breakout groups debated the priority, challenges, products and services for circular economy in the target sectors and the competence needs for design and development teams.

Spain: 20th June 2017, Universitat Jaume I, Spain. Discussion and priorization of circular economy training needs across the organizations in the furniture and construction sectors. The participants identified specific cases for students to work on as well as new problem and practice based learning approaches. Topics for the discussions were based on the outputs from interviews made to experts in circular economy topics from both and related sectors.

Austria: 7th June 2017, Vienna University of Technology, Vienna. In cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Ecology. After the presentation of the project and its consortium, external inputs from architects, design researcher, re-use and resource experts opened the discussion on the challenges of circular economy in construction & furniture sector in Austria.

Denmark: 7th June 2017, Aalborg University, Aalborg, in cooperation with the Network for Sustainable Business in Northern Denmark. The overall theme was CE Business models in the furniture sector and the related need for competences.