Training for Circular Economy in the Construction and Furniture Sectors
Overview of the KATCH_e Modules and Tools

A description of the 8 modules and 7 tools to be used in academic teachings, in-classroom context, as well as in companies.

Executive Summary of the Situation Analysis

This document contains a summary of the situation analysis report conducted during the first stage of the KATCH_e project. The outputs from this analysis have helped define the structure and contents of the KATCH_e didactic material.

Situation Analysis Report

This full report contains the main outputs of an analysis of the training and competence needs and gaps on topics related to circular economy. The key findings of the review and recommendations for future developments and research are included in this report.

Main results of the training needs and state of the art

Presentation of the State of the Art results at the ERSCP 2017 Conference in Skiathos (Greece)

Overview of the training needs, state of the art

Paper for the 18th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production Conference (ERSCP 2017)

KATCH_e: Introducing circular economy into higher-education design curricula

Project’s brochure

Learn more about the KATCH_e project downloading the brochure. The brochure of the project includes its main objectives, methodology related contents and expected results.